• How are your grips made and with what material?

    Our grips are made using high-quality USA-sourced PETG filament via fused filament fabrication, commonly known as 3D printing.

  • What temperature are these grips rated to?

    Our grips are rated for environments from -67 to 154 °F (-55 to 68 °C).

  • What type of switches are used in your grips?

    Our grips use mil-spec, normally open, OTTO P1 switches.

  • Do the grips come pre-wired?

    Yes, grips with buttons come wired with 24” (61cm) 22 AWG PTFE-coated unshielded MIL-W-22759 wire. Each button is wired with one conductor and one independent ground (2 wires per button).